Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mumbai Attack

Terrorist attack on Mumbai..

I condemn this attack...why do we Hindus have to be all tolerant about any attack on us...just because we are not answering attacks with war that doesn't mean we can't...we Hindus can be terrorist too..just look at the Sadhvi case...why shouldn't young Hindus join this type of groups? We thought our Govt. would do something after more than 50 years of Green terrorism at the border or even inside the country...but our politician are greedy, disgusting creatures who would do anything and use anything to get the chair... Vice CM R.R. Patil said this type of small things always happen in big cities...he had to step down..what kind of mentality is this? What kind of people are these? But first we are the general public who elect them..so who should give a thought....our duty as an Indian citizen doesn't end just after lighting few candles, attending few gatherings to respect the martyrs...

Why did they die at the first place? How did it happen? Evidence showed it is due to the lack of out dated weapons...lack of good package to the police....negligence towards the public safety which drips down through our so called leaders as showed above...where does this end?

World must know that Hindus are united...I don't think that Hindus are confident that if something happens there will be support from all the hindus around..because most of the time it is not the case...no matter what the occurrence is....

I am using the word Hindu because I really think that Hindus don't have their own home...India has all the religions and I respect that but few of them are being overrated for votes...we must think ourselves who should be our leader...people are not united and politicians are using religion for votes...as always Muslims are adored by them...for votes and power...all we Hindus do is to cry about it .... educated midleclass people don't pay attention to anything... upper middle class think they should go out of the country...and upper class leave the country for good.. rich class don't bother...now aren't we the people responsible for our situation?

Why the govt can't provide sophisticated weapons to our inland forces? there is politics too...and will be until we try to stop it....there is politics too...we are the future....we have our responsibility....we talk about India being superpower but I don't think it is possible in near future...no country can be a superpower without strong inland laws and their implementations without exceptions...educated people...strong inland and border forces with sophisticated weapons...corruption free institutions...it is still time...we must do our part of the job...

Terrorist has their goals..they are always committed to that unlike us...I am thinking what can we do even in a long run to make govt provide sophisticated weapons with good emotional education to the inland forces...their education is very imp as it affect on their work...monkey should not have a fire in his hands...

We don't have to cry after something has happened but must be always ready. Today terrorism is affecting most of the countries...we are the victim since the Pakistan is born..Please don't forget it and pressurize the govt to provide strong forces...it will take time but we can do this.


  1. Dec 2008... and it still holds true! Does it not! :)

    Nothing moves on this front in India. And Rahul Gandhi says that the greatest threat to India is from Saffron terror! Big joke... and he is the darling of all!

  2. hmm..honestly I don't think people will accept Rahul Gandhi as the P.M.

    He is not educated enough not only traditionally but also politically. You can see lot of pics and articles about his dumbness etc.

    anyways, hope Indian public will think before they vote.