Friday, December 28, 2012

Sewing projects

I like to create things...sewing, jewelry, sometimes painting something, crochet etc. It's fun and satisfactory that you are making something. Better than watching TV or computer !

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It still haunts me :(

It's been years and still the people who kept me alive torture me on the phone. I stopped taking their calls now but it still bothers me alot that those people abused me for almost 31year nonstop.

I am not sure they are my biological parents based on the way they treated me. They molested me, physically abused me, mentally literally tortured me and enjoyed it. Whenever I use to cry they had fun...What type of mentality is that?

I was about 7 when one of my friend introduced me to the game of cricket. I liked it and enjoyed playing it. I started collecting score sheets, photos, autographs, articles about the game and the male who raised me started burning / selling my collection and accused me of being a prostitute. Mind well my age.  Mentally disturbed creature like this couple should not be allowed near kids.

We had neighbors in Girgaon who had little kids say about 2-3 yrs old and the woman use to pinch them very hard till they cry...she enjoyed it...use to giggle.

Oh my god the sex!! No shame at all that the kids are slipping beside them or anything... honestly it NEVER stopped. I used to feel confused that how is it possible for them to be so sexual and not care about anything else in the life. These people barely traveled or ate out or enjoyed life beside sex.

I was 5 or 6 may be before they moved to Mumbai and left me with grandparents, uncle and other people in village. Why would anybody like to take care of someone else's kid? I wanted to be with my "mom and dad" and I use to cry alot but instead of taking me with them they use to pay me. Yes gave me money.

How long would anyone take someone else's kid right ? so they HAD TO bring me to Mumbai. Right after that they applied to some boarding school in Lonavla but couldn't afford the monthly 500 rupees fees and then the horror truly began...the beating, name calling, why don't you die? Jump under the train ...were actual words used against me when I was barely 8 years old. I was devastated and left the house for the first time at the age 8...again at 11, this time I took all my clothes and what not and went to stay with a girl from my class who lived in a red light area called Kamathipura.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Disturbed ?

One of my friend more of a web friend committed suicide a couple of days back. He was just 26 yrs old. Can't say I didn't didn't see it coming though...

I had been reading his articles and responses to others. He was into U.G. Krishnamurthi and Osho etc things I don't get. He posted some videos too which I found very inconclusive to any subject. It seems that he wanted to know what the life is all about...what is the purpose of life.. sadly he ended his without finding it out. :(

I am not very emotional person anymore but this shocked me. I contacted him and advised him to get a friend or a girlfriend to talk with...being with people who likes to changes the attitude that's for sure. May be he just didn't want that.

The thing is a lot of people who are friends or acquainted with him spoke with him about his confusion / questions /thinking but I guess his time was up.  RIP Yashwant.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Public Molestation in India

 2 girls were molested by 80 men at Juhu Beach in Mumbai. I never thought it will happen again.  I never thought I will ever see anything like Assam incident. One teenager got molested by 40-50 men in a mob.

After a few months 7 female police officers were molested by muslim mob in Mumbai.

Again after that incident within 2-3 months one lady police officer got molested by mob in Odisa.

What does this means? What kind of mentality we are becoming? Indians always brag about some kind of " ancient culture ." Is this the culture we are proud of?  Even female police officers are not safe when more than 3 men come together. Nobody gives a shit about the law...there is no one protect the law officers themselves including the law...what a tragedy !

Honestly, I hardly ever thought Indians have any right to teach the "culture" to anyone in the world. Western countries and USA  try to make their people safe as much possible. Of course there are some incidents, outlaws but they are exceptions. Police, public , politicians everyone has to follow the law and if they don't and get caught they have to pay for it unlike in India.

Barely any woman including girls feels safe in crowded places. Groping, touching, nasty talks etc are very very common and shocking thing is NO ONE opposes. If any lady wants to oppose she is on her own - literally. Even little girls are not exception here.

If mothers teach their sons to respect women these nasty things will definitely reduce and there will be more public force to protect female dignity. But rude, insulting behavior towards women is considered as "manly" which leads to horrific things like public molestation.  I guess blame goes to the parents for not enforcing good morals to their own family. Sadly people won't agree with this and groping / molestation will continue on larger scales.  :(    I am just happy that I am not in least here we have protection of law.  Honestly, I get worried like hell when visiting India with my girl child.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My little chatterbox

My daughter just gave me a book to read. Guess which one! The one she made.

Yes. She is very creative, talkative and active. I don't know how but she started creating books. She think about the story, then she draw and color the pictures and then write the lines. Very meaningful stories with the name, beginning and end.

The flower book
The lost dog
Draw color and write
are the three books. These ones she kept and other small ones she tared apart. Don't know why!

I am so impressed. She is indeed a talented kid. I am so proud of her.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bullying me?

Read my below Stealing in- laws post. Some douchebag has been posting personal comments on that post. Of course he/she doesn't have balls to have a real ID instead some fake id with fake name. I don't want shit on MY blog so I removed it.

Whoever you are, have some dignity. If you wanna say something come up front and say it. And one more thing - I DON'T GET BULLIED!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


तर सांगायची गोष्ट अशी कि मला फुलके फारसे आवडत नाहीत...जेवणातले हो. पोळी, फुलके, भाकरी, पुरी, पराठे, गाकर यातले फुलके.
मी दहावीनंतरच्या सुटीत एकाच्या घरी जेवायला होते तेव्हा फुलके केले होते...तीच पहिली ओळख. आम्ही लहान असल्याने आधीच वाढून दिलं होतं. गरम भाजी, साधं वरण भात अन हे फुलके अगदी तव्यावरून ताटात असे...मला आधी वाटलं सादळलेला पापडच आहे कि काय. दिवसभर उनाडक्या करून मस्त भूक लागलेली..एक दोन फुलके झाल्यावर "अजून देऊ का गं?" अशी प्रेमाची विचारणा झाली. भूकच लागल्याने "हो " म्हणाले...दोन घासात तो पण फुलका संपला...पुन्हा प्रेमाने विचारल्यावर मीच लाजून "नको " म्हणून वरण भात संपवून तशीच अर्धपोटी झोपायला गेले.

पोळी, भाकरी, पराठे,गाकर खाल्ल्यावर कसं शांत वाटतं. अन्नदाता सुखी भव!! हे न बोलताही समजतं. त्यातही भाकरी अन वांग्याचं भरीत...अहाहा!!! स्वर्गसुख! ते असो.
तेलकट्ट पुऱ्या फक्त बटाट्याच्या भाजीबरोबरच आवडतात. पराठे इथे एका पंजाब्याकडे खाल्ले तेव्हापासूनच आवडायला लागले. घरी एकदोन यशस्वी प्रयत्नहि करून झालेले आहेत. गाकर म्हणजे पोळीच पीठ म्हणजे भिजवलेला गोळा हातावर घेऊन जाडपैकी चपटे करायचे अन भाजायचे. व्यवस्थित जमले तर उत्तम लागतात नाहीतर कच्चे गोळे खावे लागतात..

असो, उगाच आपलं एक सुचलं म्हणून लिहिलं इतकंच.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Stuff!!

Currently I am busy making jewelry like earrings, bracelet, necklaces. Also making head pins with decorations for girls. I spoke with a lot of boutique owners and one person is ready to put my stuff in her store, so I am busy making different stuff for Feb. 2012 - Valentine's Day you know!!

I hope I get some sale.