Monday, November 19, 2012

Disturbed ?

One of my friend more of a web friend committed suicide a couple of days back. He was just 26 yrs old. Can't say I didn't didn't see it coming though...

I had been reading his articles and responses to others. He was into U.G. Krishnamurthi and Osho etc things I don't get. He posted some videos too which I found very inconclusive to any subject. It seems that he wanted to know what the life is all about...what is the purpose of life.. sadly he ended his without finding it out. :(

I am not very emotional person anymore but this shocked me. I contacted him and advised him to get a friend or a girlfriend to talk with...being with people who likes to changes the attitude that's for sure. May be he just didn't want that.

The thing is a lot of people who are friends or acquainted with him spoke with him about his confusion / questions /thinking but I guess his time was up.  RIP Yashwant.

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