Thursday, September 6, 2012

Public Molestation in India

 2 girls were molested by 80 men at Juhu Beach in Mumbai. I never thought it will happen again.  I never thought I will ever see anything like Assam incident. One teenager got molested by 40-50 men in a mob.

After a few months 7 female police officers were molested by muslim mob in Mumbai.

Again after that incident within 2-3 months one lady police officer got molested by mob in Odisa.

What does this means? What kind of mentality we are becoming? Indians always brag about some kind of " ancient culture ." Is this the culture we are proud of?  Even female police officers are not safe when more than 3 men come together. Nobody gives a shit about the law...there is no one protect the law officers themselves including the law...what a tragedy !

Honestly, I hardly ever thought Indians have any right to teach the "culture" to anyone in the world. Western countries and USA  try to make their people safe as much possible. Of course there are some incidents, outlaws but they are exceptions. Police, public , politicians everyone has to follow the law and if they don't and get caught they have to pay for it unlike in India.

Barely any woman including girls feels safe in crowded places. Groping, touching, nasty talks etc are very very common and shocking thing is NO ONE opposes. If any lady wants to oppose she is on her own - literally. Even little girls are not exception here.

If mothers teach their sons to respect women these nasty things will definitely reduce and there will be more public force to protect female dignity. But rude, insulting behavior towards women is considered as "manly" which leads to horrific things like public molestation.  I guess blame goes to the parents for not enforcing good morals to their own family. Sadly people won't agree with this and groping / molestation will continue on larger scales.  :(    I am just happy that I am not in least here we have protection of law.  Honestly, I get worried like hell when visiting India with my girl child.

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