Sunday, February 14, 2010

My journey to the Nursery

To tell you in a nutshell...this was my first pregnancy and I wasn't prepared....I thought it will be fun because I'll have somebody to play with all day....

I had no idea what goes on during the was difficult and I put on many many pounds....I was craving Marathi food and couldn't find any authentic Marathi restaurant to satisfy my taste buds....

Things became more and more difficult when in the third trimester I couldn't breathe well, couldn't sleep and couldn't eat well....I was so tired....and I thought it will be easy when baby arrives......don't you laugh!!!

I went to the hospital after a series of contractions and found out that I have baby's heartbeat was stopped for few minutes and she couldn't get any was complicated and they had to rush me to the operation theater.....just like in the movies....all of a sudden 7-8 nurses and a doctor came in after few minutes of admission and they inserted various needles and what not into my body......gave me oxygen....and literally ran with the bed I was in to the operation theater....I had no idea what was going on.....I was just responding to whatever they were telling me to do....

All I thinking was to deliver a healthy the operation theater doctor told me that they had to deliver the baby by C-section to save her of the doctors gave me local anesthesia and started to loose the sensation in my body starting my tows....I asked one of the doctors or nurses or somebody in the uniform there that " I am going to fall a sleep now?" , he said "No" the same time the nurse was asking for my signature on some paper....they were holding up a cover so that I won't be able to see the operation....

I started shouting "call my husband, call my husband"...." I want my husband".....I was so scared...I had no idea what the hell were they doing behind the curtain....after few minutes my hubby came in and sat beside me....after few more minutes some nurse called him to hold my baby.....Oh boy!!! she was so cute...just like a little doll with a cute little hat and all covered up....I couldn't hold her or touch her at the moment because of the local anesthesia but I started crying....Oh my baby!!!

I was moved to one of the private rooms.....nurses cleaned me up....I kept asking about my baby....she couldn't be with me because of the complications....for four days she was in a Special Care Nursery.....for few more hours I was under anesthesia....I forced my husband many times to get a picture or a video of her.....(his mother was there and told him not to....long story but don't want to think about that woman ever)....finally he did get the video and she was very active and cute even with all the tubes running through the needles from her tiny little body.....after two days the doctor told us that she is having a jaundice and had to keep her under some kind of light for 24hrs....I just couldn't take it.....

But it was over soon and they handed her over to me.....I was so scared to hold her....oh!! how do I change her diaper? What do I do when she cries? How do I feed her? What do I do? But finally it all changed and I enjoyed time with her....she is my life....Can't imagine my life without her....Manimau !!! I love you so much!!!

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  1. Hey Shilpa,

    I am reading your blog after a long time. The experience you mentioned here, I felt its mine just written by somebody else. I can totally imagine what you must have gone through when you couldn't see the baby. The videos and photos don't seem to be enough. But I am glad that all worked out at the end.
    The whole nursury experience was great. The nurses and doctors being so helpful and kind. I hope you feel the same.