Saturday, March 13, 2010


I don't like to have a crowd around me.....well, this is not the right sentence to start with but....anyways, I like to be in contact with few people that I feel comfortable with.....but not always....sometimes I don't even take phone calls or don't feel like talking with them....try to call them when I am able to leave the message instead of talking with them...

it's not that I hate to be with people but certainly can't be with them at all the time.....hate to talk shit with the parlor lady.....don't like to go out shopping with other gals, I have to compromise with my plan....not that I usually has any....

May be I am to enjoy things with myself.....may be because at younger age I had girl friends who acted jealous because of all the attention I use to get....few times my so called friends stood me up....anyways,

Recently I joined couple of clubs and been to one's meeting.....Indians.....very noisy and loud meeting.....didn't even get to meet or got to know other what's the point? May be two- three gals with kids chatting and sharing things will work for me....

Lot of times I find myself opening email a/cs for no reason for many times during the tell the truth, everyday.....log in to orkut..... invisible....even if I see someone available I hardly chat....but do leave the scrap....I am not sure why I do this? Obviously I need to have some conversation......that's why I am writing this blog!!!......still can't take or should I say don't take initiative to speak with other people.....

Don't know how to end this article.....

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  1. Hi Shilpa..!

    I don't find any thing wrong in your feelings.

    The thing is that as the time passes and we get to know that we are different from everyone else. Though there are some similarities,still you are unique in your own way.

    When your uniqueness is not accepted by the society here I am including your close ones also,that creates problem as It's against your wish and you don't want to change yourself for the sake of other people.

    Basically society is formed due to the need of survival which resulted in some pros and cons.
    There are people who doesn't understand the concept of 'space' and try to invade.

    So its better to be alone instead of being with those kind of invaders and if required let those invaders know that they are doing something wrong,stop them.

    Even doing nothing and enjoying loneliness for sometime is also good if it gives you peace of mind.

    You can do the things you like to do when you are alone. I like searching stuff on net,photography,sleeping,go for a ride on my bike,cooking etc. I also like to spend time with kids ( Still I am a bachelor :) )

    I love my loneliness. So don't be sad or feel guilty for your feelings.

    So cheer up and enjoy the life, do some thing worth there are many things to do in life,go and search for it.

    One more thing I am not a philosopher or psychiatrist, just a normal human being who likes to analyze the things and specially human behavior and most important-->want to live a balanced and happy life :)

    Bye take care
    ...Let the life come in it's own way,treat it in your own way...!