Monday, July 29, 2013

Racist bitch

On June 4th 2013 around 2.30pm one old white as ghost woman near the school verbally attacked me with racial slurs.

I parked on the street and about to go get my child and this BITCH came to me crossing the street and told me not to park there. It was a legal parking so I told her that...she kept going so I told her to educate herself and went on. But then she said " you should learn the laws before you come here"... what the fuck !! Where the fuck she think she came from? I had to respond that so I went to  her and asked " where did you parents came from?", she stumbled for a second and said " my parents are native americans"... seriously bitch ! since when red americans are white as a ghost? Many Indians were passing by but of course no one interferes with a live woman on fire forget about this. 

I called the cops because I didn't want any fight in front of my child's school / I was  calling she ran away with her husband. I reported her house address and number plate. Cops came and as I told him the cop said " it's not illegal to be a racist, there is nothing I can do". I get the whole freedom of speech thing but keep it to yourself ... If the area wasn't full with Indians it would be still a crap like Campbell and San Jose, infested with white people and lower quality education.

I happened to see that bitch again at school and she started to give me the look...of course I did too. I don't want to put up a show in front of my child but if being racist or giving racial slurs is not a crime then if my child isn't around she is going to get it.

I tried to alert people in school but the PTO refused to put up any email to yahoo group saying it has nothing to do with PTO. Really ? Then forget about any other help from my side ever and I mean it.  Was that a co incident that the chair person was a whitey? hmm..

Well, people may be small minded but keep your fuckin' mind with you, nobody needs to hear it or be ready for the same.

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