Friday, July 12, 2013

Weird Dreams

Weird ass dreams just freaks me out !

When I was 18+ I frequently use to have a dream where I was chased by some person or I had a gun in intention to use it till I was about 24. All of a sudden this dream stopped. 

I understand that fears or things you saw etc can get real in your dreams but it's still freaky. I love to eat good food and drink good wine or beer - well who wouldn't !- but never had a dream where I was enjoying some great meal... Or even had a great sex dream or a freaky sex dream, whatever !

Many times I had a repeated dream...kinda like a deja vu of a dream. I also had a lot of deja vu moment in real life too..but funny thing is when this happens I feel like I've experienced it and and when it's over I understand that "I've been through this before ! "...why can't I tell that while it's happening? hmm...

Scientist did a study which proved that people actually live the dreams...that means whatever they are dreaming is really happening to them.
         I happen to experience that. I was teenager. I had a dream where I was in my village in front of the house where I lived which is right against a well. My feet were glued to the ground and a scary lady with a huge red dot - kumkum- on her forehead in a traditional Maharashtrian sari was coming at me / or calling me. I was scared to death and calling my mother... it got so intense that I woke up in a shock. When I realized that I am far from the village in a big city I was again breathing normally.  I happen to knew that lady who wasn't really scary or anything but I was scared to see her huge dot and a little bit blackened teeth when I was about 6 or 7.
         After all these years why would I dream about some random lady living in our Wada about whom I never thought about !

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