Friday, October 23, 2009

Help ?

I did pretty stupid things when I was in college...but one of the things that I can remember is from my childhood...I was in 5th grade may next door had two kids and they hired a teen to take care of the kids....I often heard crying as you know how small the passages are in the Mumbai city...Once I went to the house to play with the older kid and happen to speak with the girl...she told me that the family doesn't feed her right and raise their hands on her quite a lot....she missed her family too...I did what I had to do (by watching a lot of hindi movies)....

I took an oath in front of the god to set her free (don't know where)...I went to the nearest police station and spoke with one of the "hawaldar"...good thing he trusted me enough to come with me to their house...Of course after showing him the door I went to my house and hid... they all got crazy over a policeman at the house to find out the child mom all red and yelling..."who told you to do that?"..."pay attention when I am talking with you" door family was in shock...and yelling at me for bringing a policeman....everyone in the building wondered why the policeman is following me...

All I wanted to help the poor child....nobody even asked her whether it's true...and boy people warned me not to help anybody !!!!!!.....but I guess I did the right thing at the time.

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