Saturday, October 31, 2009


While reading something about Dr. Borlog somehow I landed on thinking about my village where I spent my childhood . My school was near two of our small rivers ataksha - katakhsa and ancient temple. We use to sit on the floor, we never had any bathrooms, had to walk for a mile because it was in the outskirts but loved that walk and enjoyed that life more than ever...looking back I wish to live it again...those were the best days of my life....we still have the huge Wada (not in good condition) with the big Ram Mandir....the oldest home system in the world ...wada...

There is a myth that Mandav Rishi stayed in the village hence the name Mandavegan....we have an ancient Shiva is huge...peaceful and artistic....should be on the map of ancient places...but unfortunately people in India don't realize the importance of preserving the heritage...anyway...we also have small group of temples near the river by the Shiva these temples there are ancient trees which has twisted trunks....may be because of small whirlpoool like earthqueakes that we are now aware of....but myth is when rishi was leaving he looked back and so did the trees and they stayed that way....I can live with that...

Since the cities and district places developed and rural area stayed as is...people migrated and now there are hardly any faces that I or even my parents would know...uneducated people slauttered the trees as a result no cry for is not the same...hate to see that.....very high temperature....hardly any rain....crops gets destroyed...and village just keeps getting empty in all senses...I don't know what and how I can at least preserve the ancient heritage that my village has....

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  1. Hello Shilpa,

    It made really nice read. It is, however, sad to read the state of your village. I hope things improve.